The Pilot is the first episode of Wendell and Vinnie. It aired on February 14, 2013. It is the first episode overall.


Vinnie becomes the legal guardian of his 12-year-old nephew and the two try to adjust to this new arrangement.


The episode begins with Wendell doing his homework and Vinnie coming in with a package. Vinnie tells Wendell to come over to show what he has, but Wendell tells him he has homework and doesn't want to come. Vinnie states it's the greatest piece of art Wendell will ever see, but to Wendell's dismay, it wasn't what he was expecting for it to be. It turns out to be Luke Skywalker's actual lightsaber for the first Star Wars movie. Wendell claims he never saw the movie, so he doesn't show much interest in the prop. Vinnie says it is greatest Holy Grail for collectibles. Wendell says it's a dumb prop.

Later, Vinnie walks to his aparment and he trips over some boxes. Vinnie is angry and tells the "new guy" to come out, which turns out to be a pretty Texas woman, named Taryn. They both greet each other and Vinnie asks if she wants to go out for coffee, but the woman doesn't want to and says Vinnie isn't her type.

Vinnie takes Wendell to the park to teach him how to skateboard. There, they spot Taryn. While Vinnie is chatting with her, Wendell, who is still on the skateboard, rolls down a hill on it. That causes him to break his arms. Due to that, Wendell almost gets taken away from Vinnie. He almost gets taken away again when Vinnie gave him chicken that had peanuts in it, which he is allergic to.

Luckily, Vinnie breaks the glass that held his lightsaber to get the display box open to save Wendell's life. At the hospital, Wendell persuades the inspector from the Social Services Department to let him stay with Vinnie.