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Vinnie Basset may seem like a fun loveable goofball but he is secretly the demonic guardian of Wendell Basset (the anti-christ.) He wears a mask made of human flesh to cover up his zombie like appearance.


He is a fun, loveable, goofball who cares for Wendell. Although he is really dark and demented. He enjoys eating rotten human flesh and his favorite pass-time is causing misery to others.

Family RelationshipsEdit

Most of his family despies him as Wendell's guardian. But Wendell however (aware that he is hid demonic guardian) uses him to do his bidding.


  • In one part of an episode, in a flashback it reveals how vinnie got his human mask. In the flash back Vinnie has just climbed out of the portal from hell and is about to leave to find Wendell. However a man walks up to him after witnessing the event and sees Vinnie's face and tries to run. Despite his efforts Vinnie catches then skins his face while he is still alive. He then puts on the face he skinned from the man and uses it as a mask. He then opens another portal to hell and throws the man in it condemning him there forever.
  • He is responsible for the great milk condem beating of 1998. A brutal murder in which a hobo was beaten with a metal condem and then forced to have sex with a gameboy. From there he grew into a massive stick of deoderant and began to release a strange odor that would make everyone see eachother as tacos and begin to brutally cannibalize eachother's faces
  • there is a discoball coated in strawberry jelly stuck in his butt. If you look at it your eyes will turn into marbles.
  • He used his army of flying sheets of paper made out of pie to assassinate key targets who were trying to stop him from creating his own company called P.O.R.N (Petrolium Oil Right Now) which was supposedly a gasoline company but in reality it was a porn studio where lobster-man hybrid experiments would have sex with crossants and women wearing giant muffin outfits would do the gangam style while having seizures from extreme hard titty jailbreak blatter cocaine overdose. What I'm trying to say is they died of a hybrid of aids and every form of cancer possible all at once while leaking the planet saturn from their anus.